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Audio Teller Number:  1-855-327-8902.  You need your account number and last four of SSN to login.  You will be required to reset your passcode. Audio teller will be sunsetting June 30, 2024

New Money CD Special 7 Months 5.00%apy*  Minimum $2000 new money to open. This offer ends April 15, 2024 at close of business.

What is new money? Money not already on deposit with BCCU in the past 60 days. You can open this CD with $2000 new money, or bring in $2000 new money, and add BCCU existing monies to it for this CD special. Limited Time Only - can end without notice. *apy=annual percentage yield




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Beacon Community Credit Union

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You are eligible for membership if you live, work, worship, volunteer or go to school in the Louisville Metro Area, KIPDA, Bluegrass, Lincoln Trail or Northern Kentucky Area Development Districts, as well as Floyd or Clark County, Indiana, and desire membership in Beacon Community Credit Union.

Eligibility is also extended to you if someone in your immediate family or household is currently a member of the credit union.

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